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I am a Master student in Sciences Po with a specialization in Public Affairs and Energy. I believe that we can all act for a sustainable development and mobilize people around us. I hope that, by joining Innov’City, I could help inspiring a growing number of people.
Deputy coordinator
Let’s show the cool things people are doing where they live and inspire others!
Innov’City team member
love innov’city because the goal is to show to the citizens of your city that there are amazing people doing amazing projects just near them. Climate may seem a distant preocupation but some people have genius ideas that give new solutions to very concrete problems. By using these solutions, you change the way you’re living and without thinking about it, you’re acting to preserve climate. Shed some light on these projects and enlighten the citizens, I think that is something great.
COP in MyCity community manager
Waiting for being graduated in environment and development soon, I’m involved in COP in MyCity as a civil servant. Willing to push forward for solutions to tackle climate change and bring positive social change, I am especially interested in food issues and sustainable agriculture. Thus, it seemed obvious to me to take part in Innov’city.

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